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Collection of my best articles, how-to's, and other digital content about productivity and personal life prosperity.

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Is Notion the Right App for you?

Elevate your productivity with Notion. Find out if this powerful app is the right fit for your workflow and start achieving your goals today. 💼

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What is Dopamine? A Comprehensive Guide

Dopamine is the driving force behind human motivation and discipline. In the modern age, we need to understand it to utilise it 🔬

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Generating Income as a Content Creator in 2022

It has never been easy to produce content - and the competition is ever-increasing. Learn how to make income with your content online in 2022 💰️

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How I Landed my First 100 Clients as an Artist

In my first year of work as a digital artist, I had 100 clients - none of whom were previous connections. Here's how I landed them. 🪂

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10 AI websites to Enhance your Content Creation

A curated list of 10 AI-powered websites to enhance your content creation. Enhance your writing, visuals, copy, and more 🧠

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Do you need Success to achieve Success?

On platforms like YouTube and Twitter, you mostly hear the success stories. So this begs the question - do you need success to achieve more success? 🏆️

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How to Make a Simple Website for your Portfolio

Artists, designers, coaches, all people that sell their services online need ways to display their talents. Here’s how to build your portfolio page. 📇

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Thomas Frank’s Creative Journey

Thomas Frank is a productivity expert with over 2.5M subscribers on YouTube. Find out how he became a Notion expert on top of his other achievements. 🔭

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22 Tips from a 22-Year-Old Content Creator

I recently turned 22. In this article, I’ll provide 22 tips on finances, content creation, health, habit-building, and more. 2️⃣2️⃣

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6 Easy Practices to outclass 90% of Freelancers

The percentage of people going into freelance is ever-increasing - so is competition. Here are some tips on how you can outclass the rest like a breeze. 🦅

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How to prepare for the new Academic Year in Advance

Your academic success is the accumulation of your effort throughout the year. Want to give it a good start? Here are some tips for you 🎒

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How I Optimize my Finances at 22 - Investments and Savings

When you are in your 20’s, you may find yourself at multiple financial crossroads. In this article, I give out my tips on budgeting, investing, and more 📈

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Notion Templates that helped me get my life in order

I have been using Notion for 3 years now - these are the templates that helped me manage my professional life, my personal life, and my studies. 🧮

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How Life is what we make of it (ft. “The Martian”)

Life Design is a skill that can be learned. In this article-analysis of “The Martian” we will go through the methodics of Life Engineering. 🛸

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How I actively manage my Caffeine Addiction

I’ve been a coffee-drinker since the age of 16. Now, at almost 22, I'm learning to use caffeine intentionally - so as to not fall victim to the bad habit. ☕️

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The 6 Elements of a Well-engineered Life

There are six pillars of well-structured life. Use this article to identify in which aspects you need to increase the effort. 🧬

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How I made my first 1$ online with Digital Art

I made my first dollar selling digital art on the web in 2020. That was just the beginning of my journey as a digital content creator. Read how I did it. 🪙

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