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Ultimate Investing Dashboard

Automate your investment portfolio tracking and market research with this beautiful Notion template. Automatically synced with Yahoo! Finances

Ultimate Investing Dashboard (in Notion) - Manage your investments portfolio and net worth in Notion; | Product Hunt Get for 22$ -

Resume Builder

Build a professional resume by simply adding your details in this minimalistic Notion template.

Resume Builder - Notion Template - Build a professional resume by simply adding your details. | Product Hunt Get for 0$ -

Flash Card Builder

Create easy-to-use flashcards with the Anki method inside your Notion workspace.

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Project Management Database

Track all your projects in one centralised database - in Notion.

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5-Minute Daily Journal

Receive a fully-populated database for each date in 2022, where you are able to log your daily data and journal entries.

Notion Template - Quick Daily Journaling - Enter your daily stats, achievements, and goals in this DB. | Product Hunt Get for 0$ -

Travel Planner

Track and plan your current and future travels with this easy-to-use minimalistic database.

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University Assignment Tracking

Put a stop to the endless deadline-chasing with one customisable template. (specifically geared towards Uni students)

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Social Media Production

Schedule your social media production with this Notion dashboard and database!

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Job Application Tracking

With the useful timeline and Kanban board views, you will be able to track the deadlines for applications and inspect the best strategies to optimise your career progression.

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Family Tree Database

The unique set of Formulas and Rollups creates different generational layers for all your relatives, on both your parents' side and on the side of one's partner.

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To-Do List Database

This template is a solution for the year-long problem - Can we use Notion as a To-Do app? The answer is YES, and the solution is this sleek NASA-inspired database.

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Interactive Media Hub

Manage all the content you consume - books, videos, articles, research papers, podcast episodes, all in Notion.

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Social Circle Management

This Notion template is for the nerdier of us that want to compartmentalize our whole lives - including our social life. It's now easier than ever to make a visually-pleasing database with all your friends, acquaintances, and family members.

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Financial Goal Planning

This Notion template is a customisable database that will help you record you past, current, and future financial goals. One thing we all know intuitively is that "what gets measured gets done", and this database is built with this in mind.

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Blog Writing Database

This Notion template is based on how I manage my blog series, Creative Virgo, and allows you to streamline your blog production process.

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UK University HQ Page

This Notion template is designed to provide the best experience for organising your academic life in Notion. It is specifically geared towards students in UK Universities.

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Daily Tracking Database (2022)

This Notion template covers all your universal daily tracking needs. The day entries are already put in - you just need to check the tickboxes and enter your data!

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Notion Template for Investment Tracking (with added Python Automation)

This Notion template will help you keep track of all of your investments - personal or business.

Notion Template for Investment Tracking - Keep track of all your investments - personal or business. | Product Hunt Get for 10$ -

Digital Art Commissions

This Notion template is geared specifically towards freelancers, digital artists, and content creators.

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